Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mini Photo Shoot Today


I don't know if I should really classify this as a photo shoot since I did it and I'm no where near a professional, but I did it anyway. I made my daughter a pillowcase top/tunic to wear over jeans (or shorts/bloomers). I decided to put it on her today and try to get a few pictures of what it looks like as a top. I'm really pleased with the result. I wish I had cool photo editing software to make them look amazing, but they'll do for now! Ava is such a HAM. LOL!



Sarah said...

She's too cute Jess! You do great work! Try for editing. I use it just as often as Photoshop!

Butterfly Baby Place said...

Thanks so much, Sarah! I'll have to try it!

Mickey said...

Adorable. I love the fabric you used. Colorful and perfect for summer.