Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

It's that time of year where most people wish for snow, love to see twinkling lights, and are busy with the hustle and bustle of the season! I love this time of year... it's my most favorite Holiday. Along with Christmas usually come a host of new things for me, special requests, cookies, my back aching from wrapping the all.too.many.presents. that I bought my children, cookies... did I mention cookies? But I love it!!!! Even the back ache {and the cookies}. Officially, I'm on "vacation" from my shop, but I can't stop thinking about my machine and more importantly, my spring line!

Yesterday I brought all of my fabrics down from my closet that I'm planning on using and I quickly see my vacation disappearing. New on the agenda this year are some fun prints, but I also intend to introduce some new designs. I love pairing fabrics together, but I really want to try to create some new items. I have no idea WHAT yet, but it'll come to me. I'm excited just at the prospect! So hopefully in January I'll have some awesome things to unveil! But I have been doing a few new things for clients, which I'll share with you now...

I hope everyone has a Joyous season! And cookies... I wish you all cookies!!! ;)

So perfect for summer, without the sticky mess! I can't wait to make more fabric combinations with this set!

So excited to introduce capes to my Spring 2011 line!


Just in case your little sweetie DOES get a case of lollipop fever, I've got that covered! This can be made in any of my fabrics, too... the possibilities are endless. Super soft chenille on one side, fun and funky on the other!


I have a whole slew of plans for new sibling sets as well, so this one is just the beginning! The shirt can be sky blue or white, whichever you'd prefer! I can't wait to debut my other plans for these sets in January!


Have a wonderful Holiday (and cookies...)!!!!


coolkids said...

Spring line looks great and adore the capes! My kids are getting capes for christmas.:) Merry Christmas!

Butterfly Baby Place said...

Thanks momma! I am so excited to create more! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!!