Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I just love Google Blog Alert!!

I set my account up quite a while ago with something called Google Blog alert. This is a really cool little tool that sends Google's little probes all over the web to find the keywords you've chosen. Then, when it finds something, it sends a message to your designated email address to let you know. Now, I rarely find anything in my email from the alerts I have out, but this morning, I did! It led me to this really nifty website called:


(Click to go there!)

They've decided to feature my shop, which is really cool. I think it is totally awesome when a completely random blog thinks you're stuff is nifty enough to use their page space for it. :)

They also have some neat links for activities to do with your kiddos, recipes, and stuff!

Thanks so much Nanny Space, for making my day!!

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